Benefits of Moringa Oleifera

There has been many researches done regarding the nutrient contents of Moringa Oleifera leaves, and nearly has the following conclusion: This is the REAL deal. Amongst the findings of these researches:

Moringa Oleifera leaves contain:
  • 25X more Iron than Spinach
  • 0.75 - 1X more vitamin C than oranges
  • 15X more potassium than bananas
  • 4X more protein than eggs
  • 10X more vitamin A than carrots
  • 17X more calcium than milk
  • and much more.
Moringa Health Benefits
Moringa Medicinal Properties

Though there are varying results for the numerous tests and researches done, they all show that Moringa Oleifera leaves contain so much nutrients that its amongst the most complete supplement that can be consumed to fulfill our nutritional needs.

Moringa Nutriotions