About Moringa.com.my

www.moringa.com.my was started in 2007 by Dhanabalan Kuppusamy, a retired Royal Malaysian Air force Flight Sergeant, in the village of Kampung Triboh, Serian, Sarawak. Having moved to Sarawak after retiring, Mr Balan supported his family through various business undertakings, successfully bringing up his 3 children while being an active and outspoken member of his community.

Mr Balan came across articles on Moringa Oleifera on the net in 2006 after a chance discussion with a doctor friend from India who was attached to the Serian General Hospital, and was surprised that a plant with so much potential wasn't cultivated and consumed as active as it should be. With the help of his wife, he planted a few trees in his backyard, set up a website, and started this small enterprise.

Balan at Moringa farm

Mr Balan passed away in May 2014, and slowly his wife and remaining family members struggled to keep www.moringa.com.my going. Changes were made to adept, and new processes were introduced to make the enterprise more relevant to current times. Now, with Madam Munah at the helm, we seek to pick up where Mr Balan left us, providing answers to queries regarding Moringa Oleifera and supplying Moringa Leaf based products to those who need them.

If you have any queries regarding Moringa Oleifera leaves, please call, message, whatsapp, or e-mail us at the contact details below: